We are Westside Christian School ... not Westside Public School!
Westside Christian School (WCS) is a ministry of Westside Church of the Nazarene.  WCS serves students from a variety of backgrounds without denominational distinctions.  We provide a program that meets our students academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  We provide a solid Christian foundation, not only for success in school, but also for success in a very challenging world.
All students attend bible classes and we have a weekly school wide chapel service.  Chapel features a message ... a song ... a shared story ... a new way to think ... a skit .... a new way to act ... an activity that reaches our goal ... a prayer of hope ... a prayer for friends and family ... a prayer for peace ... 
Once a month the whole school comes together ~ Kindergarden through twelveth grade; each learning from each other.  Standing side-by-side, having a new friend in the school... coming together as a family. 
Westside Christian School is a way we are, not just a way to act from 8:30 until 3 pm. 
Be a part of something bigger than just one; be a part of the Westside Family.